Titleist Golf Program Woodbridge, VA

Titleist Golf Program

Golf More Efficiently

Do you want to play golf longer and without pain?

It starts with technique. Learning proper body mechanics and the technique of golf greatly reduces your risk of injury.

What to Expect?

Our Golf Biomechanics Specialist will:

  • Complete a biomechanics analysis
  • Perform muscle strength and balance testing
  • Develop a training program with individualized drills and exercises
  • Provide education and knowledge on how to most efficiently move your body to be able to perform at your best to help avoid and prevent injury

Your comprehensive biomechanical evaluation will be from our Physical Therapist extensively trained using the TPI or Titleist Performance Institute method. The evaluation and screen involves an assessment of swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality, current health, and client history. The screening results will be used to create an individual plan for that golfer. This is not lessons for your golf swing, but a screen to find what limitations (i.e. areas of weakness, flexibility deficits, balance problems, etc.) you may have with the golf swing. After the golf screening, you will be given corrective exercises and stretches to help you with your golf swing and preventing injury. For more information, Contact us at Woodbridge, VA center.