Spinal Mobilization Woodbridge, VA

Spinal Mobilization

Spinal mobilization is a very specific form of joint mobilization using the skilled application of force, direction, and technique to create passive movement of specific joints, designed to elicit a reduction in pain and increase in mobility, range of motion, and movement. Spinal mobilization may be utilized as a completely passive form of regaining movement, where the physical therapist is doing all of the work. Conversely, there are times where the patient will obtain the most benefit from mobilization with motion, which is a combination of clinician-generated forces and patient-generated movement to achieve the desired response. The two most common responses are a reduction in your pain and increase in your range of motion, leading to normalized movement patterns with functional activities. Mobilization of the spine can occur anywhere from the cervical to the thoracic to the lumbar spine. Occasionally, individuals may be having pain at their sacroiliac joint that necessitates addressing the sacrum and/or hip bones. Our skilled physical therapists will be able to identify patterns in your movements at the spine that are causing pain and ascertain what specific forms of spinal mobilization are necessary to get you back to moving correctly. For more information, Contact us at Woodbridge, VA center.