Running Program Woodbridge, VA

Running Program

Have you ever been taught how to run? Not how to improve your distance or speed – the actual technique of running? Every other sport has a set of skills that need to be learned in order to have proper technique. Running is no different. Without a proper understanding of form and technique, the likelihood of injury increases. Studies show that 85% of recreational runners are injured each year. Running shouldn’t hurt. When you are given the proper education you can be a smarter runner, and find your sport more enjoyable.

The Pose Method ®, developed by two-time Olympic Coach Dr. Nicholas Romanov, is a systematic way of teaching these techniques. The method focuses on pulling your feet off the ground (instead of pushing off) and using gravity to your advantage to produce speed. This method utilizes the body’s natural muscle elasticity to run efficiently and reduce injury. Through the use of specialized drills, our Certified Running Program Specialists can help runners of all skill levels enhance their body awareness to improve performance and decrease running injuries.

Not a runner? That doesn’t mean proper running technique isn’t important for your performance. Did you know that, on average, a soccer player only handles the ball for 53 seconds each game? That means the rest of the game is spent using your body in other ways than what you and your coach spend countless hours trying to perfect. Having the knowledge to properly and most effectively move your body will not only help you avoid injury, but also help you perform at your best.

What to Expect

Our Running Program Specialists will:

  • Analyze your form through the use of video analysis
  • Educate you on the concepts of proper form and movement and how that correlates to decreased risk of injury
  • Develop a training program with individualized drills and exercises to correct the habits that are holding you back

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