Injury Prevention Woodbridge, VA

Injury Prevention

Proper form is important for your performance in any sport and in daily activities in general. Having the knowledge and training to properly move your body will not only help you perform at your best but also help you to avoid injury.

Our physical therapists complete a thorough biomechanical evaluation of each patient to identify any risk factors to having an overuse injury. These risk factors may be weak muscles, decreased range of motion, impaired motor control, decreased balance and stability, or impaired movement patterns. Weakness or dysfunction in one region can create problems in another area of the body. The range of motion, weakness, muscle imbalance and movement patterns in one area can all influence distant regions.

As movement experts, our physical therapists can help optimize your movement patterns so that you are less susceptible to injury. Confidence in your movements leads to success in your activities. By understanding the reasons why people sustain injuries and their common risk factors, our physical therapist can create an individualized exercise program to prevent injuries, better enabling them to return to sports and daily activities with the reduced chance of re-injury. For more information, Contact us at Woodbridge, VA center.