Patient Testimonials

  • I had a right knee replacement. Their compassion and desire to help me in my healing process. Sensitive to my needs and assurance that in/with time I would heal. My physical therapy sessions and needs were met in a timely manner. Allcare Physical Therapy in my observation is a clean facility/environment. The staff is well-rounded and friendly, they are focused on one’s healing and progress, serving one-on-one individual attention. Punctual for scheduled appointments.

    Jackie H.

  • My doctor wanted me to come here because a lot of physical therapists don’t like working on elbows. They truly care and are here to make sure we don’t over do it to re-injure ourselves. They have also been very kind to other patients and myself. All three of the therapists are great to work with and have your health as a top priority to get you back to work or back to normal. I would highly recommend.

    David C.

  • I had foot surgery due to an arthritic bunion and about 7 years of sesamoid issues (after breaking the bone in half). PT is helping tremendously. The care I’ve received at Allcare is far superior to any other PT facility I’ve used, including 2 in the Woodbridge area. The therapists here truly listen and patiently explain exercises, recovery, and related issues. The physical setup is better as well. I’d recommend Allcare over other facilities in the area definitely. Even the way the exercises are shared is better with emailed instructions and graphics following in-person demo and explanation, with the ability to email follow-up questions – instead of having to wait till the next appointment for clarification. Excellent!

    H. Homann

  • I had rotator cuff-labrum surgery and came to Allcare for extensive rehab with Andrew (4 months of PT). Andrew was VERY receptive to my pain, my concerns, and helping me get stronger. He constantly encouraged me, lifted my spirits when I doubted myself and truly cared how I was progressing. I enjoyed talking with him during sessions and came to trust him completely with my care. It was excellent. I will return if I have any other issues in the future. I would highly recommend Andrew.

    Christine A.

  • My doctor sent me to physical therapy to improve my range of motion after surgery on my foot. I had a bunionectomy and things weren’t moving very well. I could tell a difference with my pain and range of motion after a few visits. I think my coming to PT has helped immensely. Travis spent a lot of time with me and always made sure I was never in any pain throughout my PT. I don’t think my post-surgical progress would be near as good without coming here. I highly recommend coming to Allcare for PT. I could not have had a better experience if I tried and I am better for it.

    Robyn V.